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Hey there! Be welcome to my blog. Here's where I post most of my thoughts, feelings or just things I like. Since you're reading this, know that I'm the most beautiful person in the world so you won't regret to talk to me. [...] Okay, just kidding. But maybe I'm a nice person, so... Don't be afraid to come. Seriously.

By the way, call me Lana.

Se alguém for sair machucado nisso tudo, esse alguém vai ser eu com certeza. Então não tenha medo.

Depois termino de arrumar isso.


                      "What   a   s h a m e"


This is like asking for Cas and having Balthazar crash land in your front yard, hammered drunk and wearing a dress

(Fonte: hopperthedragon)

I’m really sorry… for loving you.

"Com você eu me sinto segura."

(Fonte: amuriita)

hp memenine characters [7/9] » Luna Lovegood

"Sempre faça aquilo que mais te assusta."

Save a place for me, save some grace for me… I’ll be there soon.